The ACTS Team (Outreach):
The ACTS team is a name that we gave the group a few years ago when it was formerly the Evangelism team. We took on the name hoping to follow the church in Acts 2 where God added to their number daily those who were being saved. If you read this chapter some things really jump out at you. First of all, the Holy Spirit was at work in the hearts of people. We realize as an ACTS team we cannot do anything of significance without God’s Spirit through prayer. They also devoted themselves to fellowship, reading of God’s Word, prayer, meeting together, and generously giving to those in need. These things created an environment where God’s Spirit was at work, and people were being saved daily. We want to see that happen at Haven; God has called us all to the mission whether we’re here in North America or somewhere else around the world.
We also oversee our missionary support for the church, which runs through the church’s general fund. The missionaries we support are Mike Johnson in Texas, Tom & Kristen Buursma in the Philippines, Scott & Marcia Geurink, Bryan & Anita Geurink in Lesotho, Jim & Josephine Zylstra in Uganda, Shankar Kunwar and Baliraj Bam in Nepal and Luis Pellecer in Latin America.
Team members are Kevin & Deb Bosch, Ken Bosma, Rhonda Byma, Deb De Young, Terry & Nancy Dick and Dan Klompmaker.