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Welcome to our Haven online community! CCB is an online church directory for Haven members. By logging into your own protected profile you can: connect with leaders, check out groups, create your own unique calendar of Haven Church events, receive requested notifications, sign up to serve, give online, even privately review your own giving statement and much more.
Unfortunately, non-members will not be allowed access to protect the information within the database. We can allow “limited access users” for people who are guests but not necessarily actively involved in our church. These users will only see their own profile, and only the group(s) they are involved in. For example, a child that attends our youth group will be allowed limited access if he/she attends regularly, as will their parents to ensure they are on our communication lists for activity announcements. Any persons requesting limited access will be on a case by case basis and approved by the ministry leader of the group. We apologize, but all others will not be allowed access unless members of Haven. If you have any questions about this database please email Sally Rietema.