Rachel Brock
Nursery Director
The Haven Nursery
The Haven nursery is built on the foundation of Christ’s love. As we look into the eyes of each child, we are reminded that God loves every child and they all belong to Him. This service is provided for all scheduled worship services (unless noted) and also during Wednesday evening events (as requested). Each volunteer age 16 and older must read our Safe Church Policy, take a quiz and pass, and also do a background check. You can be assured your kids are safe and with trained volunteers who love children!
Check-In Process
Nursery check-in starts approximately twenty minutes prior to each service. We welcome and check-in children one at a time. Once at the check-in counter, you can search for your child’s name on our check-in software. For visiting families, a volunteer will assist you. During the check-in process, you may enter a pager number or your cell phone number for text-message paging. When your child’s name tag prints from the software, you’ll receive a pick-up tag which you will need to save and show when you pick up your child. Please make sure the diaper bag is tagged with your child’s name. To help protect little fingers and keep the floors clean, our nursery is a “shoe free zone”. Place your child’s shoes on the shelf provided in the entry of the nursery.
When A Parent May Be Paged
You may be paged if:
-The child requires a diaper change.
-The child is inconsolable.
-The child is sick.
-The child is misbehaving.
When You Pick Up Your Child
Children are picked up from the nursery one or two at a time. Present your pick up tag and pager (if applicable) upon return to the nursery. A child will not be released to a parent without the matching pick-up tag.
Our Well-Child Policy
For the sake of the other kids, we will not accept sick children. If you’re in doubt about your child’s health, please be considerate of the other people using the nursery and keep your child at home or make other care arrangements.
We cannot take children who have:
-anything other than a clear runny nose due to allergies.
-had a fever within the last 24-48 hours.
-have a cough, diarrhea or vomiting.
-discharge in or around the eyes.
-questionable rash.
As an extra precaution, our toys are disinfected and cleaned on a weekly basis.