Sunday Evening Classes

Pastor Art and Pastor John will be giving a series of sermons called, “Letters To The Church.”  This series has its formation in the book called “Letters To The Church” written by Francis Chan.  The series will go from September 15 through November 10. What’s the goal of the series?  The goal of the series is to help us think deeply what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ here at Haven in Zeeland.  The sermon series will help us to think about what’s the goal of Christ’s church, how we have strayed from God’s design for his church, and how we can return to what God desires us to be.  Francis Chan’s book was written out of deep love for Christ’s church and desiring the church thrive.  The book wasn’t written to belittle the church, but to encourage her.  We hope the series of sermons will do the same.  We desire for the series to help us think deeply about how we can grow as a body of Christ here at Haven and engage each other and the community we live in for Jesus. During this series of sermons, there will be a sermon discussion group that will meet at Haven at 5:30 PM on Sunday.  We will talk about the sermon and the book, watch a DVD from Francis, encourage each other, and pray for Haven. We encourage you to purchase a copy of the book and read it before the series begins.